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Iframe.dll Error Introduction

Many people may have forgotten this, and indeed many millions will not even be at all aware of the fact, but, going back perhaps ten years (it might actually be more than that – my memory is not what it used to be!) Microsoft had quite a serious fight on their hands!

It was the famous ‘browser wars’ of the mid 1990’s, when Mr. Gates and his friends decided to attack the dominant market position of their biggest rivals at the time, Netscape!

Indeed, they fought a long and often bitter battle through the US court system, often unfairly, according to Netscape, to give their Internet Explorer a dominant (some would say monopolistic) share of the world browser market.

It’s kind of ironic then that the emergence in the last few years of another serious rival in the shape of the Firefox browser from Mozilla hardly seems to have caused a noticeable ripple at Microsoft!

Indeed, with there being very little to choose between the two browser in terms of market place popularity, it is noticeable how the latest incarnation of Internet Explorer, IE7, even carries (but, of course, does not in any way copy) one of the most popular features or Firefox, known as tabbed browsing.

The ieframe.dll is at the heart of the functionality of this latest version of IE (but is not present in any earlier version).

Now, as suggested, enhancements to the usability of IE such as tabbed browsing have made it a far more complex animal than its predecessors.

And, as a general rule, the more complex anything becomes, the more it is likely to suffer problems, errors and faults, both major and minor.

Internet Explorer and the underlying iefame.dll are no exception to this rule.

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Spotting iframe.dll Errors

Of course, the way that the Windows operating system is set up is that, often, if there is a problem, then an Error window will pop-up to tell you as much!

Thus, you may see a pop-up Error message informing you that you have an error that looks like this: ‘res://ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm’. It is equally possible that this same error message will simply appear in the bottom left hand corner of your browser window.

In either case, it means that, yes, you do have an ieframe.dll error, and, no, it dies not mean that IE7 will automatically shut down!

It might do, but it is far more likely that it will keep on running, but do so extremely slowly and unresponsively.

Even without the specific error message, if IE7 is performing sluggishly, and not working properly, then the chances are that it is an ieframe.dll problem.

For example, I was recently using IE7 and found that it was not possible to click through on any hyperlinks that were appearing on the screen. I could right click, and then prompt the link to open in a new window, but a straightforward, (almost) old fashioned left click did nothing.

A quick check of the Event Viewer window of my XP operating system indicated that this was caused by an ieframe.dll error, although I was not able to pin the error down far enough to be able to truly work out exactly what the root of the problem was.

I have also found that using the tabbed browser function in IE7 can sometimes be quite slow and is prone to locking up from time to time too.

Once again, upon investigation, this appears to have been primarily caused by a problem with the ieframe.dll file.

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How To Repair iframe.dll Errors

As already suggested, the ieframe.dll file was not included in any previous versions of Internet Explorer.

Thus, unlike many of the more common and more familiar .dll files, there are no established guidelines or step-by-step instructions on techie websites and in forums, like there usually is, to help you to isolate and fix ieframe.dll errors manually.

Furthermore, my own experiences working with IE7 have indicated that, whilst it is not all that difficult to see errors occurring in IE7 and it is equally simple to use the Event Viewer to ascertain that these problems have been caused by an ieframe.dll problem, I have seen no indication how these problems can be fixed.

Indeed, I have noted some net commentators suggesting that they have actually rolled back their Windows system to use IE6, so frustrated have they become with IE7.

My reply to these folks would be that this is simply not necessary!

There are tools that will locate and fix ieframe.dll errors both simply and quickly, and, in my opinion, it makes far more sense to use these, rather than roll back to an earlier and more primitive IE version.

To fix ieframe.dll errors is as simple as running a free Registry scan with a program like our tool, to firstly ascertain exactly what the problems might be.

Then, step two is to use the same program to fix the problems, with the initial scan plus the repairs talking a grand total of no more than ten minutes!

It seems to me to be far more sensible to use a tool like ours to fix IE7 problems (as well as every other Registry problem) than it does to look and move backwards!

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