DLL Windows Errors
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What Are DLL Files?

The Windows operating system of your desktop or laptop PC is an extremely hierarchical system, with every single thing installed being made up of smaller constituent parts.

Thus, it would be possible to view you PC’s system as a pyramid, with Windows itself at the peak or the apex, and everything else that goes to make up the system spreading out, ever-wider, below it.

Immediately below Windows you would find the programs that make up your computers system.

These could be programs that came pre-packed into Windows itself, such as Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer, or they might be programs that have been user installed, such as the Office suite of programs that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Beneath the programs, you would find that each is made up of a series of Executable (.exe) files, each of which is, in turn, responsible for a small segment of the functions that the program itself performs.

Thus, if you were to take Word s an example, you might have one .exe file that is responsible for loading up the fonts that a user might want to use, whilst another .exe file deals with the Spelling and Grammar checker functions.

Beneath the .exe file ‘level’ of the Windows pyramid would be the Dynamic link library (.dll) files, which are simply files that provide one function to a wide range of different programs, all of which need the functionality of that one particular .dll file.

These .dll files were originally included in the earliest versions of Windows, at a time when memory space and processing speed were at a premium, in order to reduce the overall size of the Windows package.

And, as general rule they worked well then, and continue to do so now.

However, as computers and everything associated with them has become ever more complex and sophisticated, so the occurrence or DLL windows errors has increased exponentially.

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Some Common Windows DLL Errors

Over the past few years, as internet connections have speeded up and more and more people all over the world have access to the net 24/7, the availability of brand new software, utilities and applications to be downloaded online has increased at a similar rate.

Thus, every day, literally millions of people download and install new software programs onto their machines.

This can play merry hell with the .dll structure of these people’s computers, and can render many of their favorite programs totally inoperable!

This is because every time anyone downloads or installs a new program or application on to their computer, they also install a whole new tranche of .dll files as well.

Unfortunately, what they will not be aware of (and there is no way that they could reasonably be expected to be so aware) is that a few of the new ‘interloper’ .dll files will go right ahead and overwrite existing .dll files, and these will likely as not be .dll files that another (older) program is still using!

So, what we now have is the older program desperately hunting around for an old .dll file that no longer exists. The program ceases to run, of course, but it may cause havoc in other ways as well, by attempting to access other .dll files that are not meant to be accessed by this application.

Thus, it is entirely possible that it corrupts these .dll files too!

Taking this one stage further still, if the newer program is then uninstalled, it takes the newer .dll file with it too, so any other programs that were using that particular .dll are no longer able to do their job either!

The bottom line here is that installs and uninstalls can cause all sorts of problems and .dll Windows errors in the operating system. And, the more it happens, the worse the problems are going to become!

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How To Repair Windows DLL Errors

The first point to make when looking for a solution for .dll windows errors is that my explanation of the structure of Windows and how .dll files fit into that structure has made everything sound deceptively simple.

In reality, it is way, way more complex than I can even begin to explain, and trying to find and then fix any kind of .dll error manually is likely to be way beyond the capabilities of anyone but the most clued-up, dedicated techie!

Furthermore, messing around with the Registry of your PC is definitely not to be recommended unless you are absolutely, 100% cast-in-iron certain that you know exactly what you are doing.

The Registry of your O/S is so intricate that it is stunningly easy to screw up the whole system, so much so that what was once a fully operational PC can become a useless heap of plastic and metal in 30 seconds flat!

You wouldn’t (I assume) attempt brain surgery with a pick and shovel.

Do not be so cavalier with your PC then, either!

Use the correct tools for the job.

First, run a free Registry scan with our market leading tool.

It is entirely free, and will take around five minutes to complete.

This will highlight all the areas of concern, the problems and the errors that your system and the Registry are currently suffering.

You then simply apply our tool to fix all of these problems quickly and efficiently, once again in around five minutes.

This way, you take no risk of screwing up your PC and you get the job done properly in a fraction of the time that it would take you to (attempt to) do the job manually.

DLL Error Repair

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