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Understanding DLL Files

If you are one of the millions of people across the world using Windows as your computer operating system, then understanding DLL errors is likely to be something that will one day come in handy. To do this, of course, you need to take the first step towards understanding DLL errors by actually knowing what a DLL is, and what they do for your computer.

DLL stands for ‘dynamic link libraries’ which were originally introduced by Microsoft back in the days when the disk space and memory that most computers had was small. Thus, in an effort to reducer the space taken up by the operating system, Microsoft came up with DLL’s.

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DLL Further Explained

In a nutshell, pre-DLL, if two programs on your PC were going to use the same routine, then the code for that routine was included in both programs. This obviously wasted both disk space and memory. So, Microsoft came up with the smart idea that any code which multiple applications needed to use could be separated into a single, separate file, which they termed a DLL

This DLL would then be loaded only once into the memory of the PC during usage. Such a comprehensive use of DLLs enabled Window's earlier versions to operate efficiently at a time when memory conditions for most PC's were size-restricted.

This was, and still is, a great idea, and generally works very well, especially when you consider the complexity of today’s PC's compared to those of only five years ago.

The problem is that, as anyone who has used a computer for more than five minutes will know, computers do sometimes go wrong, and DLL’s do sometimes malfunction.

That is why understanding DLL errors is important, because an understanding of the possible problems will afford you the best chance of finding a solution!

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DLL Problems

There are quite a few problems that you might encounter with the DLL’s on your operating system, especially when you have been using it for some time, and after numerous applications have been installed and uninstalled from your machine.

The most common problems that you might encounter might include conflicts between different DLL versions, difficulty in obtaining the required DLLs within the opertaing system environment, and having too many unnecessary DLL copies on your PC.

Now, the good news is that DLL errors were far more of a problem in machines running pre-Windows 2000 versions of Microsoft operating systems, principally because those older operating systems did not have any way of limiting the DLL’s that were being loaded onto the computer.

Thus, it was a relatively common problem to have several DLL’s all trying to do exactly the same job at the same time, meaning that, in the end, none of them actually managed to complete the required task!

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DLL In The Post "Windows 2000 Era"

Post Windows 2000 operating systems have generally seen these problems eradicated, but DLL errors do still occur.

For example, if you are uninstalling a program and your machine unexpectedly gets shut down, say, form a power outage, then this will often lead to a DLL becoming corrupted.

Similarly, it does still happen that you have tow DLL’s attempting to do exactly the same job, and in these circumstances, your PC is not always able to recognize which DLL it should allow to prevail. Thus, it is possible that the ‘wrong’ DLL ‘triumphs’ or neither of them does!

One good thing is that it is generally not so difficult to recognize that your machine has a DLL problem, and solutions for the problem are available.

DLL Error Solutions

Many times DLL errors will be picked up by any anti-spyware software that you are running.

Even some anti-virus software will also recognize the problems as well. Werecommend Mcafee. Many sites also offer free scans that will highlight any DLL errors although you should be aware that, whilst the scan is free, you will generally need to buy the software in order to actually fix it, but the price is under ($30) which is reasonable!

Another option, once you are aware that you have a malfunctioning DLL, is to download a new version of the particular DLL in question from http://www.dll-files.com/, for free.

Unzip the downloaded folder, and load it into the appropriate operating system folder. This will solve your DLL error problems in maybe 80% of cases, in my experience.

We hope that this article has taken you a little closer to understanding DLL errors, and what to do about them. Remember, the fast and easy way to rid DLL errors is a software application such as our recommended solution.

Try a free scan today!

DLL Error Repair

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